Participate in decisions, ask questions, and learn more about the school at PTO meetings.

On behalf of the CANS PTO Board, Principal Zoller, and the school administration, welcome!

Eight years ago, a small group of thoughtful, committed neighbors launched The Clifton Area Neighborhood School. They envisioned tying together diverse families from across our three neighborhoods and creating a school community grounded in equity and belonging. CANS is a place for all children to thrive. This school year will be our very first as a full Pre-K through 6th elementary school. The CANS school community is only as strong as your voices. The inclusivity at CANS must feel exceptional to our new and returning families, to our CUF, Spring Grove Village, and Clifton families, to our families of all colors, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles, and preferences.

You are invited to invest in our children’s growth both inside and outside of the classroom. You have a critical perspective or talent to share. Please join us in growing this unique school community in any of the ways outlined in this and future communications and in any other way that inspires you.

Lauren Cofrin, PTO President
Bree Shaftel, PTO Vice-President

About the PTO

What is a PTO?

The CANS PTO (parent/teacher organization) is a group of caregivers, teachers, and staff who work together to support and enhance the experience of students. The PTO organizes events, raises funds to support teachers and extracurriculars, manages volunteers, and provides a way for caregivers to provide feedback.

Who can participate in the PTO?

Anyone who is connected to CANS can come to PTO meetings! More people in attendance means better representation for students.

When and where does the PTO meet?

Meetings are held at CANS. Dates for 2024-2025 PTO meetings will be finalized over the summer. Make sure you are registered for the site to receive email updates.

What happens at PTO meetings?

Meetings typically start with a presentation by Principal Zoller covering recent news, statistics, and events surrounding the school and CPS in general. This is a great opportunity to ask questions.

After the presentation, the PTO and LSDMC groups split off. Participants discuss current and future plans and listen to feedback.

Is child care available?

Yes! Child care is available at the CRC. Advance sign-up is required.

I heard pizza is served at meetings, is this true?

The rumors are true - Adriatico's pizza is provided for hungry participants at each PTO meeting. 🍕

2024-2025 PTO Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at CANS. Dates for 2024-2025 PTO meetings will be finalized over the summer. Make sure you are registered for the site to receive email updates.

Parent Feedback Portal

Submit Feedback

We want to hear from you! Your insights and questions help make CANS better. Please share suggestions to improve your family’s school experience or questions for the principal, PTO, or Sports Boosters here. Responses will be provided at each PTO/LSDMC meeting. If you’re unable to attend, you can access the minutes here.

Please note: If you have specific questions or feedback related to your child or specific staff members, please contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Zoller ( Questions or feedback about specific staff members will not be addressed through this forum.