An Intro to the CANS LSDMC


What does the LSDMC Do?

LSDMC stands for Local School Decision Making Committee. The Local School Decision Making Committee is the primary governing body for each Cincinnati Public School. It is a group of parents, school staff, and community members that drive decision making to impact the outcomes of our students’ educational experience.


Who is the LSDMC? 

Three parents, three community representatives (one from each neighborhood - Clifton, CUF, Spring Grove Village), three teachers, two staff, and the principal.


When Does the LSDMC Meet? Monthly meetings occur in a breakout session within PTO meetings. Visit CANS website calendar for 2023-24 meeting dates.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


View LSDMC meeting agendas and minutes here.



2023-2024 CANS LSDMC Strategic Priorities

  • CERI initiative (CANS Equity, Representation and Inclusion Initiative) - an intentional effort to include as many different voices from our CANS families as possible
  • Facilities and Grounds - Improving our building and play areas, securing physical space for CANS growing number of students, teachers, and staff
  • University of Cincinnati partnership - Tutoring, campus visits, CREW lessons
  • Grants and funding sources - finding grant money to support our school
  • Supporting the idea of CANS as a learning center for the entire community


Other Roles of the LSDMC:

  • Setting measurable school goals, based on a needs assessment
  • Coordinating and overseeing the development of the school as a Community Learning Center
  • Seeking grants to support the school's programs
  • Making recommendations and approving the school's budget
  • Making recommendations to the principal regarding other school issues
  • Completing a mid-year and end-of-year goal progress report
  • Adopting bylaws, including the school's mission and vision
  • Participating in the selection of a principal, when a vacancy exists
  • Approving locally initiated changes in the school's program or focus