The LSDMC is the governance board at each CPS school. It is made up of parents, teachers, non-teacher staff, and community members for the purpose of making certain decisions and recommendations for that school. Some of the specific  responsibilities of the LSDMC as established by CPS are to:

  • Set goals for the school consistent with the District’s vision and mission and based upon the needs assessment of CANS.

  • Approve the CANS budget.

  • Recommend the school principal.

  • Recommend the school resource coordinators.

  • Select the lead agency for the Community Learning Center.

The CANS LSMDC meets monthly to carry out its responsibilities. Minutes and agendas for those meetings can be found here. The CANS by-laws, which describe more fully our responsibilities, can be found here

The CANS LSDMC has also established sub-committees to address specific issues of importance to the school. Membership in these sub-committees is open to anyone in the CANS community and they are a great way to participate in shaping our future. Current sub-committees and their leaders include:

The 2022-2023 LSDMC Membership is as follows:

  • James Zoller, CANS Principal

  • Shawn Williams, CANS Teacher

  • Ebon Wilder, CANS Teacher 

  • Amna Fazlani, CANS Teacher

  • Drew Schwetschenau, CANS Staff

  • Laura Bange, Parent Representative 

  • Luke Blocher, Parent Representative (Chair) 

  • Cole Brokamp, Parent Representative (Vice-Chair)

  • Gary Robins, Spring Grove Village Representative

  • Tracey Schwetschenau, CUF Representative 

  • Andrea Steege, Clifton Representative 

  • Julia Bonfield, School Resource Coordinator

  • Maria Meinking, Lead Agency (Best Point) Representative