About CANS

Clifton Area Neighborhood School, or CANS, is a neighborhood elementary school in the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) system. Any student in K-6th grade living in the neighborhood boundaries of CUF, Clifton, or Spring Grove Village is eligible to attend CANS. 


CANS also has one preschool class for 20 students; younger siblings of CANS students have enrollment priority. To learn more about CPS preschool, including Preschool Promise funding, see the CPS website


CANS Vision: Our collaborative community celebrates diversity and inspires a lifelong love of learning. 

CANS Mission: CANS embodies the unique multiculturalism, innovation, and arts of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods of CUF, Clifton, and Spring Grove Village. In partnership with the University of Cincinnati and other Uptown institutions, we will:

  • Provide innovative learning experiences

  • Create a community of multicultural inclusion and respect

  • Develop the whole child through high academic standards, artistic creation, social-emotional growth, and experiences in nature

  • Connect learning to real-world problems in order to cultivate an engaged citizenry

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CANS Highlights

  • CANS uses the EL Education Language Arts curriculum (link to: https://eleducation.org), emphasizing multidisciplinary project-based learning, cultures of respect, and authentic, high-quality student work

  • The CANS positive behavioral-intervention system focuses on CREW. Everyone at CANS is part of the crew, not just a passenger. CREW values (conscious, responsible, engaged, and welcoming) are reinforced throughout students’ school day, and each day begins with a CREW lesson for social-emotional growth and shared values. 

  • CANS has a strong partnership with its neighbor, the University of Cincinnati. UC faculty and students provide CANS students with targeted one-on-one tutoring, Spanish instruction, afterschool enrichment activities like music from Zimbabwe, and more. 

  • Afterschool care is offered onsite by Costars/The Children’s Home and through the Clifton Recreation Center next door to CANS.