The Clifton Public School • 1906

A large Beaux Arts-style school built in 1906 occupies a corner site in the heart of Clifton, land originally purchased by prominent citizens in the 1850’s, including Supreme Court Justice Salmon P. Chase, Robert Buchanan and George Resor.

Resor Academy was built here in 1870, providing classrooms for Clifton children and also housing Clifton Village’s council chambers. When the city of Cincinnati annexed Clifton in 1896, the directors who owned the property (including Alexander Mc Donald) deeded the land to the city in order to build a new school, along with the mandate that henceforth the property be used for the education of youth.

The population boom found student population growing from 251 pupils in 1896 to 350 in 1901. Cincinnati Board of Education launched a major building program to erect new facilities and modernize older ones. Clifton School was designed by E. H. Dornette, architect for the Cincinnati Board of Education in the early 1900s.  Costing in excess of $143,500 it proudly presented “an elegantly embellished exterior, spacious corridors, a basement with playrooms and lavatories, 14 classrooms, and auditorium, a gymnasium and a library.”