Developing our identity

The CANS advisory group is working with the community to develop the identity for the Clifton Area Neighborhood School. There have been more than 40 community engagement sessions over the past two years regarding what people in CUF, Clifton, and Spring Grove Village would like to see in their neighborhood school. In December 2017 the CANS advisory group also administered a survey to gather community  input on school identity. Over 100 people responded (see highlights below).


The developing CANS identity is based on all of this community input. 


Draft Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: Our collaborative community celebrates diversity and inspires a lifelong love of learning. 

Mission: CANS embodies the unique multiculturalism, innovation, and arts of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods of CUF, Clifton, and Spring Grove Village. In partnership with the University of Cincinnati and other Uptown institutions, we will:

  • Provide innovative learning experiences
  • Create a community of multicultural inclusion and respect
  • Develop the whole child through high academic standards, artistic creation, social-emotional growth, and experiences in nature
  • Connect learning to real-world problems in order to cultivate an engaged citizenry


Partnership with UC School of Education

A formal partnership between CPS and UC School of Education in CANS now exists. We have found an inspiring model for a deep partnership between a public university and a public elementary school in the Mitchell Scarlett Teaching & Learning Collaborative with the University of Michigan School of Education. Partnership development is in full swing.


Learning Model

The CANS Advisory Group is working to develop the learning model for the school, which will be adopted as part of the CPS Vision 2020 process. Vision 2020 is designed to strengthen neighborhood schools and implement innovative learning experiences. We are exploring Expeditionary Learning (EL) as a potential learning model. This aligns well with the community priorities that have been expressed for the school, and it aligns well with the UC School of Education priorities. Further, there already are two EL schools within CPS, which seems to offer real advantages. Members of the CANS Advisory Group have visited Mt. Washington Elementary, an EL School, and were very impressed with what we saw. 


Explore These links to learn more about EL:


Survey Results

All of these plans and investigations are based on extensive community input. Most recently, in December 2017, the CANS advisory group administered a survey to community members from CUF, Clifton, and Spring Grove Village. Over 100 people responded. Here is a summary of the aggregate data.

CANS school identity survey results.jpg