Update: Clifton Area Neighborhood School naming process

When CPS decided to open a new neighborhood school for CUF, Clifton, and Spring Grove Village, 'Clifton Area Neighborhood School', or CANS, was chosen as a short-term name while the school established its identity. With our school preparing to move into our new home this Summer, the time has come for a more permanent decision.  To inform the choice of the Local School Decision-Making Committee (LSDMC), community input was solicited at a school open house on May 7, as well as by electronic survey distributed via the PTO list, CANS facebook group, CANS website, and community councils. Feedback was also gathered from CANS teachers and students. With all of this input, the LSDMC made a decision at its meeting Friday, May 24. 

The LSDMC voted unanimously to maintain the current name: Clifton Area Neighborhood School, and to go through a process of choosing a logo and shortened form of the name (whether “CANS" or something else). Note: the name must still be approved by the CPS Board of Education. 

Over 55% of those polled preferred “Clifton Area Neighborhood School” or “Clifton School", and the LSDMC felt that there was strong evidence that shifting to the shorter name “Clifton School” or similar would fail to adequately include our Spring Grove Village and CUF families and stakeholders. While a number of namesakes for the school were suggested, support did not coalesce behind naming the school after any of the individuals considered and there was some concern that such a choice would be divisive. The LSDMC concluded that "Clifton Area Neighborhood School" was the best reflection of the three neighborhoods the school serves, as well as the identify that the school community has already begun to build.

The LSDMC also voted unanimously to adopt forest green and gold as the school colors and to table the decision of school mascot for a later year when the school has grown to include higher grades of students.