CANS Arrival and Dismissal Information

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Greetings Clifton Area Neighborhood School Community,

With the start of the school year fast approaching you can expect to be hearing more from both the Clifton Area Neighborhood School and from CPS.  We hope you are excited as we are! This email will include quite a bit of detailed information about arrival and dismissal procedures for CANS.  Soon you'll also receive a separate email containing much of the paperwork necessary for the start of the school year.

First, however, I want to give you a brief building update.  We are still on track to open for the start of the year on August 19th!  Moreover, I can share that the inside of the building looks beautiful and the project gets closer to completion each day.  However, the building is not yet open - which unfortunately includes our main office.  I anticipate we aren't far from having our new phone line operational and for our new school secretary and I to be working out of the school.  However, as of today the main office itself remains an active renovation site.  If you need immediate assistance, I still recommend that you visit the customer care center at the Ed Center.  Otherwise, we hope to be serving you at the CANS building by the middle of next week if not sooner.

Most importantly, I want to share with you our procedures for student and arrival each day.  The purpose of these procedures is to maintain student safety while also minimizing the impact of traffic in the neighborhoods. I appreciate you reading them carefully.  In the first document linked below, you will find our procedures for students who are car riders, "yellow bus" riders, students who walk to school, and also procedures for our preschool students.  That document can be found here.  Our PTO had put together a companion document with helpful tips, tricks, and other information.  That document can be found here.  A special thanks to Susan Heinrich and some of our other PTO and LSDMC parents for compiling this information.  Finally, but of great importance, we would like to have a default daily transportation plan on file for every student.  Please complete this document and either bring it to the Open House on Friday, August 16th from 12:00 - 2:00 or send it with your child on the first day of school.

For your convenience I have linked each of the three documents here:

We hope this information is helpful.  Again, our goal is for students to arrive safely and on time each morning so they are ready for instruction and then to safely and efficiently get them home again after school.  A final specific note to parents and guardians of kindergarten students which many parents may not know:

Parents and guardians of kindergarten bus riders, please note: it is the practice of Cincinnati Public Schools that all kindergarten students be met at the bus stop each day by an adult.  If there is not an adult present at the bus stop to safely meet that kindergarten student when the bus arrives, that student will not be permitted to disembark.  The purpose of this practice is to ensure student safety in accordance with board policy 8600.01.   

In circumstances where the kindergarten student remains on the bus, the transportation provider will use available emergency contact information to arrange for the student to be safely dropped off at their assigned bus stop only.  In the event that no emergency contact can be reached, Hamilton County Job and Family Services will be contacted. In order to avoid this situation, please ensure you make arrangements for your Kindergarten student to be met at the bus stop each day.

Thank you for all of your support.  I appreciate your patience and flexibility with us as we work through some of the final phases of opening this new school.  I am so pleased and proud that you are a part of our school community.


James Zoller

Principal of the Clifton Area Neighborhood School