Community Engagement Visioning Report

On October 24, 2017, representatives from CTM, Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati Recreation Department and CANS Advisory Group convened a public forum facilitated by Greg Otis, AIA. Over 50 residents shared ideas, building consensus towards re-establishment of school operations at Clifton School.  Key points of recommendations were:

•  The Clifton School should be updated to the latest educational standards and maintained as such.

•  Plan and design for operation of the Clifton School building should complement rather than duplicate total assets on the CPS hilltop campus at McAlpin and Clifton Avenues. CPS is a critical broker in development of relationships among Clifton Recreation Center, Fairview Clifton German Language School, and Clifton Area Neighborhood School for the benefit of the entire community.

• A central means of communication should be created to network all of these geographically-related organizations and facilities.  

• Investigate other successful educational/recreational collaborations, beginning with a visit to Mt. Washington School and Mt. Washington Recreation Center.

•  CPS and the City of Cincinnati should conduct a traffic engineering study and make appropriate changes that will ensure smooth traffic function at all times.  Explore staggered start times of CANS and FCGLS, as well as multiple drop-off and pick-up points to reduce concentration of vehicular traffic.

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