Clifton Area Neighborhood School serves 50+ children

As a parent of two young boys, I’m excited they’ll be attending CANS this year.  I’ve always dreamed of my children going to a local public school where they could connect with nearby families and friends from diverse backgrounds.  This personifies Clifton to me, a place where diversity and community are truly interwoven. I’ve met so many amazing Clifton area parents through the school and look forward to connecting to many more through the CANS PTO.  I’ve also met many Clifton residents that want to make certain that we have good schools, retain our residents, and are good stewards of strong values. That is my primary aim as a member of this new community group. To get involved please contact

You will soon see early signs of transformation at the old Clifton School building, CANS permanent location at 3711 Clifton Ave, becoming a place where our children can learn and play together. The school will serve up to 2 classes per grade (PreK-6), with the model of “learning through doing.”  We will be leaning on an important partnership with UC School of Education, who has been very helpful in providing extra resources and information. We are excited to be moving next door to Fairview Clifton German Language School in Fall 2019 and anticipate productive interactions among the families that attend our schools, sharing resources, facilities and events that welcome young families and wider community.

Beginning in August 2017 with two small classes at Rising Stars Academy, CANS now serves 57 children in Pre-K through First Grade.  We anticipate even more rapid growth as we move to our permanent location. Please look to enroll at  CANS families look forward to making their last year at the Rising Stars location another successful one. With our wonderful principal Mrs. Jaren Finney, and our teachers Ms. Wilder, Ms. Cromer and Ms. Fazlani and assistants, we know our kids are in good hands.

Drew Schwetschenau, President CANS PTO