CANS / Clifton Area Neighborhood School serves families in Clifton, Spring Grove Village, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview

CANS / Clifton Area Neighborhood School serves families in Clifton, Spring Grove Village, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview, giving our children guaranteed access to quality public education.

CANS classes are open now for Preschool and Kindergarten at our temporary location, Rising Stars Academy at 2120 Vine Street.  Migration to our permanent location in the Clifton School facility at 3711 Clifton Avenue is anticipated in 2019 after renovations.  Preschoolers (3 yrs old by 9/30/18), Kindergarteners (5 yrs old by 9/30/18) and First Graders can enroll now for the 2018-19 school year!  PreK Enrollment must be completed in person at the Early Childhood Education Office at  Rising Stars Academy, 2120 Vine Street. Kindergarten and First Grade enrollment can be fulfilled online or in person.  For help contact Michelle Senger for in-person and online enrollment support: or call (513) 363-6581.  More info at and at

Community Engagement continues for curriculum models and school facility development. CANS hosted a charette with UC DAAP Landscape Architecture students to study concepts for nature playscapes.  They presented concepts to the community on April 14 at CCAC, where 50+ attendees contributed additional ideas for development.  We’ll deliver these to CPS Facilities as they prepare for renovations.

CANS Advisory Group works with CPS top administrators to establish goals for the size of our student body and best uses of the permanent facility.  Statistical studies confirm that CANS families will always represent broad cultural and economic diversity, establishing our school’s core identity and driving our curriculum.

Partnerships are key!  University of Cincinnati DAAP UC art education teachers and students have created a special project with CANS Kindergartners; UC School of Education helps with development of our curriculum; Kindergartners learn Spanish with UC professor Andres Simon-Perez; UC Classics staff supports research of Rawson Farmhouse.  More strong partnerships will develop within CANS’ Community Learning Center, inviting interaction with all residents.

Expeditionary Learning is now our preferred curriculum model.  CPS has three schools using this approach, described as “Learning by Doing.”  Students actively participate in lessons and social/environmental service activities.  ”EL” not only develops solid academic engagement and achievement, but also critical thinking, problem-solving, independence, collaboration and leadership.

The CANS Advisory Group meets regularly during the month.  Click here to check the calendar of upcoming meetings.  Our PTO welcomes parents and CANS neighbors to establish this unique new school.  Questions are always welcome at