Volunteer Thursdays

Thursdays are Volunteer days at CANS. In order to participate, click on one of the signup genius links below or sign up in person on the sheet outside Mrs. Cromer’s class. Follow the instructions and make certain to sign-in at the front desk so they can know who is in the building.  The volunteer activities vary, from reading a story, to governing creative play, to working with small groups. To get more details or ask about doing a particular activity or finding another volunteer time please contact one of our wonderful Room Parents: Beth Littlemann(First), Angela Potochnik(K), Kara Hill(K), or Erica Blackburn (PK).

Please e-mail canspto@gmail.com with any questions.

Thursday 2-3pm in Mrs. Wilder’s Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten Thursday Volunteer Signup Genius

Thursday 2-3pm in Ms Fazlani’s First Grade Classroom

First Grade Thursday Volunteer Signup Genius

Materials Preparation

The teachers will occasionally put some materials in the CLC room directly across from the main office downstairs.  They may leave instructions for other outside of classroom things that might be helpful in this room as well.  These are accessible at any time the school is open, but what is left out is usually done pretty quickly so don’t be discouraged if nothing is there.  Again, please sign in before doing any sort of volunteering inside the school. 

Teacher Wishlists

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider getting something off our teacher wishlists!

Ms. Cromer’s Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Wilder’s Kindergarten Classroom

Ms. Fazlani’s First Grade Classroom

Mrs. Jasper’s Art and Music Classroom