Classroom Supply Lists

Thanks to so many generous parents and community members, classrooms are well supplied for the 2019-2020 school year. This means that parents will not need to send supplies with their children, beyond backpacks, lunchboxes or personalized items requested by their teacher.

Teacher Wishlists

These lists are occasionally updated throughout the year and can be a great way to provide the extras that can make the classroom really shine.

Mr. Herold’s Preschool Classroom: July 2019

Mrs. Wilder’s Kindergarten Classroom: July 2019

Mrs. Fazlani’s First Grade Classroom: July 2019

Mrs. Williams’ First Grade Classroom: July 2019

Mrs. Jasper’s Specials Classrooms: July 2019

 Volunteer Day

We have regular volunteer days at CANS where parents can come in for an assigned time and help in various ways in the classroom. This program was a ton of fun last year and was a great way to experience your child’s classroom or to collaborate with teachers and bring in something special for the kids. Keep your eye out for each teacher to have their own time and procedures that work for their classroom, and we will update those here!

Materials Preparation

The teachers will occasionally put some materials and may leave instructions so we can help outside of classroom.  We will post more details here after we get settled into the new building.

Donate to the AG-PTO

The AG-PTO will need money to help upgrade the playscape, make the teacher's communal space a comfortable and collaborative environment, improve the creative corridor and many other projects - your donations are definitely needed!

To donate: Make out a check to Clifton Town Meeting with CANS PTO in the memo line. Give this check at CANS events, hand it in to the office at the school, or give to Brad Jennings (PTO Treasurer) Drew Schwetschenau or the school’s office who can get it to the right place! These donations are tax deductible and you can always request a receipt (amounts over $250 will be given or mailed a receipt).

CANS PTO now accepts credit card donations through PayPal (note a 2.9% fee, so not all money goes to the PTO... but the convenience can be worth it!) Click on the link below to donate.