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What are the boundaries for the 3 neighborhoods – Clifton, CUF and Spring Grove Village - that allow my child to attend? – All streets in the three neighborhoods are within the final boundaries of CANS.  You can confirm that your address is within the boundaries here:


Where is CANS currently located? – The Rising Stars Academy on Vine St. in Mt. Auburn (2120 Vine Street, 45202) is the temporary location for CANS.  This newly renovated location was chosen because it already houses pre-kindergarten classes (including the FCGLS Preschool Program) and is located on the edge of CUF.  You can schedule a tour of Rising Stars Academy on Vine by emailing


Is Rising Stars a good location?The Rising Stars Academy at Vine/CANS preschool programs currently hold the highest possible 5 star ranking from the State of Ohio.  The building has been renovated and currently houses approximately 200 students. The school building has a cafeteria/auditorium, a library, a muscle room, an outdoor playground, and a gymnasium with a large play structure on soft ground as well as hard surfaces for toys like tricycles.


Where will the permanent location of CANS be? – The CPS Board of Education decided with a unanimous vote that CANS’ permanent home will be in the former Clifton School building located at 3711 Clifton Avenue (45220).  This building held the Clifton Elementary School for almost 100 years until that school closed. In 2005, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) signed a lease with CPS to use the building, which saved the building from charter school operation or auction. Renovations (planned to begin in September of 2018) are required prior to CANS moving to the building in order to create a modern learning environment consistent with CPS’s other recently reopened properties.


When will CANS move to its permanent location? – CANS will operate at Rising Stars until the former Clifton School building is ready for use. This is expected to be no later than the start of the 2019 school year (August 2019).


Are there enough children to sustain CANS? If there are too many children, will my child be excluded?CPS is planning for CANS to operate in our permanent location with approximately 1-2 classrooms per grade. Enrollment for the 2018-19 school year is on target for this projection. All children living within the CANS boundaries are eligible to enroll at the school at any time due to CANS’ status as a neighborhood public school.


What about people who move into the neighborhood with older children; will they be able to enroll? – Any child moving into the boundaries will be able to enroll and attend at any of the grade levels offered. The anticipated growth is one grade level per year (first grade in 2018-19, second grade in 2019-2020, etc.). However, the CANS Advisory Group is collecting data about older children who would enroll if there were an opportunity; with sufficient interest, CANS might be able to grow to include higher grades sooner.


I’ve heard something about a partnership with UC. Is that happening, and what would it involve?   UC and CPS have formalized the initial plans for partnership now, though the specific form of the partnership will emerge & grow over time. The partnership with UC will influence CANS’ learning model, provide classroom interns (aka student teachers) and provide other forms of teacher support, coordinate enrichment opportunities during school and outside of the school day, etc. 


What will the CANS learning model be?Our learning model and content emphases are currently being developed by the CANS Advisory Group based on community input. This process is approved and overseen by CPS. The Advisory Group continues to collect survey results about learning and content priorities. Please email us if you are interested in assisting with the process.


Who is the principal of CANS, and who are the teachers? Mrs. Jaren Finney is our temporary principal while we are located at Rising Stars Academy. Our teachers are Ms. Amna Falzani (1st), Mrs. Ebon Wilder (K) and Ms. Kayla Cromer (Pre-K). Special enrichment programs of music and art are taught by visiting teachers. Our current teachers will move with CANS to the new location, and CPS will hire a CANS principal as soon as feasible. 


Will before-school and after-school care be available?  The YMCA provides this care for a fee (reduced for those who qualify).  Please contact Dr. Carrie King at the YMCA (513) 508-8217 or email for more information.


Drop-off and Pick-up Logistics  Abundant parking spaces are located to the north of and behind the RSAVS school building, and designated doors located around the building are assigned as the entryways for specific classes. Bus service is provided for students in kindergarten or higher grades who live at least one mile from the school.


How can we be sure that CPS will create a good, diverse neighborhood school? Based on 2010 Census data, Clifton, CUF, and Spring Grove Village all have socioeconomically diverse populations. The population of the school will likely mirror this diversity. And, indeed, CANS already includes children from a variety of cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Good schools require strong support and participation from parents and community members, and by all accounts, CANS is off to a great start in this regard. These features, combined with the potential for partnership with UC and other businesses and institutions in Uptown, will create a high-quality school serving a diverse population.


Why can’t Clifton-area kids just go to Fairview? Fairview is a city-wide magnet school, and the enrollment process has changed so that Clifton children do not get enrollment priority. The demand for seats at Fairview greatly exceeds the number of spaces available.  All of this has created a difficult situation for families who are forced to seek other quality education options.


Will the use of vouchers be impacted by CANS? Yes. New vouchers will likely not be available for those residing within the neighborhood school’s boundaries for the 2018-19 school year. This is because CANS is not rated as a “failing school,” the condition for voucher availability. Students living within the CANS boundaries will be eligible for a voucher only if the family income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines ($49,200 for a family of 4). This is all determined by state law.


Is it possible to send my child to the new school in 2019-20, after it has had a chance to prove itself? Yes, any child in the three neighborhoods can enroll in CANS at any time (so long as s/he is in a grade that has begun). However, the faster CANS enrollment grows, the sooner we will reach important milestones, such as hiring our own principal. And, regardless, we are encouraging all interested parents to become involved now. The CANS Advisory Group hosts frequent social activities for CANS families to spend time and get to know each other, and we encourage all interested families to attend. CANS will be a great success if we all join together to make this long-term commitment for a better community.


What is the CANS Advisory Group, and how can I get involved? - The CANS Advisory Group is a group of volunteers committed to the new school’s success and shaping its initial direction. We are always looking for other community members to get involved. Reach out, and we will help connect you to the initiatives you want to contribute to. 

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