CANS Advisory Group

The CANS Advisory Group is comprised of volunteers committed to the new school’s success. We are looking for parents of potential new students and community members who are also motivated to help with planning and follow-through surrounding every facet of the new school.  Any level of time commitment is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you!



CANS Advisory Group Meetings

Please use the calendar below to keep up with when the CANS Advisory Group Committees and full group are meeting.  You are welcome to attend.  Meeting schedules do change so please always check back here prior to travelling to the meeting.




The CANS Advisory Group has six main committees:  Recruitment/Enrollment, Partnerships/Curriculum, Playscape & Facilities, Community Learning Center, PTO, and Communications. All members are working hard to help Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) develop the best possible neighborhood school. Committee leaders are in bold.

Community Liaisons

  • Vince Metzger (Clifton)

  • Gary Robbins (Spring Grove Village)

  • Jules Rosen (CUF)


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The Partnerships/Curriculum Committee is working to provide CPS with suggestions and expectations of the content and pedagogical philosophy of the CAN School.  They are also engaging community partners in education, arts, science, culture, history, and the outdoors to strengthen school academics and broaden educational opportunities available to students.

  • Kara Hill (co-leader)

  • Angela Potochnik (co-leader)

  • Luke Blocher

  • Christina Smart

  • John Reeves

  • Drew Schwetschenau

  • Brian and Heather McCarren

  • Basem A Fallatah

  • Krystn Metzger

  • Dr. Mary Boat, UC School of Education


Recruitment / Enrollment

The Recruitment / Enrollment Committee is working to increase visibility of the new school across Clifton, CUF, and Spring Grove Village and to help families take advantage of this educational and community-building opportunity.

  • Heather McCarren (leader)

  • Sanja Bias

  • Krystn Metzger

  • Chip Kussmaul

  • Vince Metzger

  • Gary Robbins

  • Jules Rosen

  • Andrés Pérez-Simón

  • Andrea Steege

  • Kate Schroder

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The Communications Committee works to enhance community awareness of the new school and assist the community in communicating their desires to CPS.  They also work collaboratively with the other two Committees.

  • Jan Checco (General Communications)

  • Kevin Marsh (Online Communications)

  • Josh Miller (Webmaster)

  • Adam Fosnaugh

PTO apple.jpg


The CANS Parent Teacher Organization is a legally formed corporation in the State of Ohio.  501c3 status determination is pending, and Clifton Town Meeting is acting as fiscal agent until then.  Bylaws have been adopted and Officers were elected in September 2018.

  • Drew Schwetschenau (President)

  • Joanna Contorno-Czaja (Vice President)

  • Jill Conway (Treasurer)

  • Andres Perez-Simon (Recording Secretary)

  • Andrew Garth (Communications Secretary)

  • All parents

  • All teachers

  • All CANS Advisory Group members

  • Fundraising - Christina Smart

  • Enrichment Coordination - Beth Littelmann and Fern Linziger

  • Volunteer Coordinator - seeking someone for this role


Members not currently on a committee

  • Emily Bae

  • Abby Moran

Community Learning Center

The Community Learning Center (CLC) Committee is focused on understanding our 3 community's needs towards creating a CLC in the new school.  The goal of a Community Learning Center is to support student achievement while revitalizing neighborhoods and maximizing the community’s return on its investment in public schools.

  • Kelley Bagayoko (leader)

  • Gerald Checco

  • Kara Hill

  • Krystn Metzger

  • Chris Swoboda



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Playscape & Facilities

The Facilities and Playscape Committee is focused on bringing community and professional input to guide the design of spaces throughout the CANS campus,  including educational spaces inside the school and outside play areas.

  • Josh Miller (leader)

  • Adam Fosnaugh

  • Susan Heinrich

  • Jackie Knapke

  • Dan Marsh

  • Angela Potochnik

  • Kevin Marsh

  • Josh Disney